Orlando Selects New Team Song

Orlando CalrissiansOrlando Calrissians owner Brian Aufmuth felt like his team needed something, other than more wins.  “I felt like our team needed a theme song,” Aufmuth said.  Therefore, during Orlando’s last homestand, the owner put the choice up to the fans. He offered them the choice of three different Star Wars-themed songs.  The fans cast their votes via text.  Over 75,000 votes were cast during the six-game homestand.

And the runaway winner, receiving over 60% of the votes, was the song “Oh, Lando” by Recess Monkey.

“I’m happy, because that was my favorite too,” said Aufmuth.  “Frankly, I wasn’t expecting it to win.  But we will give the people what they want!”

Recess Monkey is a Seattle-based trio of current and former elementary school teachers who have made music for kids and families since their debut album Welcome to Monkey Town in 2005.  They have released 12 family-oriented albums over their career.  “Oh, Lando” is a track from their most recent album, 2015’s Hot Air.

The runner-up choice, Meco’s 1977 hit “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band”, received just under 28% of the votes.  The third-place finisher, LittleHorse’s “Lando Explains,” received less than 10%.

According to Aufmuth, the team will now play “Oh, Lando” during the seventh-inning stretch at every home game.  The owner is reportedly trying to get Recess Monkey to perform a live postgame concert at Bespin later in the season.

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