Jacksonville Dragons

Owner: Eric Stetson

Jacksonville Dragons 2

Stadium: Tesla Field

Tesla Field

Tesla Field is the brainchild and playground of the Dragons’ owner, tech titan Eric Stetson.  Stetson built the stadium with 100% private funds, and he intended for it to be the most cutting-edge, high-tech stadium in sports.  Stetson spared no expense to ensure that Tesla Field would be the state of the art.

Tesla Field is equipped with an advanced WiFi network that provides seamless connectivity for fans throughout the stadium.  Combined with the hundreds of Bluetooth-enabled beacons throughout the premises and the team’s mobile app, fans can use their devices to find their seats, locate their favorite concessions or the nearest bathroom, watch in-game highlights and replays, order concessions for in-seat delivery, and navigate through the parking lot after the game.  The app will also allow fans to vote on multiple aspects of the in-game experience, from between-innings music to the fan of the game to the day’s MVP.  Large scoreboards and 360-degree video halo boards provide not only HD quality picture, but also displays photos and tweets posted by fans during the game.

Since Stetson is the CEO of GrantCoin, a cryptocurrency designed to encourage sustainability, it is no surprise that Tesla Field’s high-tech approach extends to environmental factors as well.  The stadium is LEED Gold certified.  Its retractable roof is equipped with solar panels that provide part of the park’s power.  (Stetson is looking into adding other alternative energy sources.)  The parking lots are equipped with permeable pavers to reduce runoff, and a section of the lot is devoted to electric vehicle parking, complete with charging stations.  The stadium uses reclaimed rainwater to operate its toilets and sinks.

The Dragons’ partnership with Tesla goes beyond mere naming rights.  Tesla-branded electric carts ferry fans from the outlying parking lots to the stadium entrance.  And if a player hits a home-run off of the Tesla signs attached to the foul poles, he will win a brand-new Tesla roadster.

Speaking of home runs, expect plenty of them in Jacksonville.  Stetson, a big fan of the long ball, designed his park to be hitter-friendly.  But, he says, this isn’t just personal preference at work: “You know that old slogan, ‘Chicks dig the long ball’?” said Stetson.  “Well, all fans dig it.  If you want to see a stadium go crazy, nothing does it better than back-to-back jacks.”


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Jacksonville Dragons HomeJacksonville Dragons Road



Total Payroll: $33,150,000

Available Cap Space: $1,850,000


Manager: Harlan “Harley” Davidson

# Batters Position Salary Yrs
31 Judson Teachout C $1,500,000 2
15 Berry Canez 1B $700,000 2
9 William Mount 2B $2,500,000 2
14 Emerson Taliaferro 3B $1,200,000 2
7 Alan Herdt SS $900,000 2
26 Rob Hartley LF $3,000,000 3
3 Alfonso Leon CF $4,000,000 1
30 Roderick Hopps RF $1,800,000 3
29 Jake Kapoor DH $5,000,000 2
18 Jan Esquivel C $450,000 5
16 Lautaro Perez 3B $100,000 2
35 Willis Parker LF $250,000 5
38 Pick Goodwin CF $300,000 5
42 Marlin McEwan RF $200,000 5


# Pitchers Thr Role Salary Yrs
25 Biggs McGee R SP $2,000,000 3
56 Kyle Palmer R SP $1,000,000 3
48 Juan Sarmiento L SP $400,000 5
58 Tony “Packo” Harris R SP $150,000 1
55 Randy Cannon L SP $4,000,000 1
44 Carrol Avallone R RP $100,000 3
33 Ward “Blueberry” Jackson L RP $300,000 2
57 Michael Youngblood R RP $100,000 1
94 John Longroofan L RP $100,000 3
59 Samir “King” Khan R RP $600,000 3
17 Jimmy “Razor” Corridon R CL $800,000 3


# Reserves Position Salary Yrs
4 Raleigh Gajewski C $100,000 1
11 Alexis Popejoy SS $150,000 2
60 Whitney Winslow RP (R) $550,000 4
36 Emilio Abbas RP (R) $200,000 2
43 Elias Rosado RP (L) $500,000 3