Milwaukee Bear Claws

Owner: Jennifer Petitt

Milwaukee Bear Claws

Theme Song: “Bear Song” by Green Jelly

Stadium: High Life Field

High Life Field

High Life Field was built as part of the redevelopment of the abandoned Pabst Brewery complex in downtown Milwaukee.  The park, which was designed as a tribute to Milwaukee’s beer heritage, fits in perfectly with its surroundings.  The exterior of the park was designed to resemble the faux-castle style of the old Pabst corporate office building.  The left-field wall backs up to the façade of the main factory building, which is decorated with a clock and a Pabst Blue Ribbon logo, which lights up whenever a Bear Claws players hits a home run.  Fireworks shoot out of the top of the old smokestack every time the Bear Claws win.

Upon entering through the main gate, fans pass through the King’s Courtyard, in the middle of which is a statue of King Gambrinus, the unofficial patron saint of beer.  Surrounding the courtyard are multiple beer gardens, which are positioned to allow fans to watch the game while enjoying a cold one.  (Needless to say, High Life Field offers the largest beer selection in the league.)

There was one bone of contention when the stadium was being built, though.  The original plan called for limited, garage-only parking at the site.  This plan was met with strong resistance from fans, who wanted to ensure that they had a place to tailgate before the game.  When they learned that tailgating was going to be prohibited at the new stadium, they nearly rioted.  While there wasn’t going to be room for acres and acres of surface parking as can be found at Miller Park, the developers realized that they had a problem on their hands, and they got creative: They added a couple small surface lots near the park, and redesigned the top floor of the parking garages to make them tailgater-friendly.  Now Bear Claws fans can enjoy pre-game brats with their baseball, and harmony is restored to the universe.

The Bear Claws have added a distinctive team-specific touch to the game experience.  The players come onto the field not out of the dugout, but instead through a door in the left-field fence, as though leaving the brewery.  As the players come charging out, their entrance music is “The Bear Song” by Green Jelly, a heavy-metal cover of the camp song “The Bear Went Over the Mountain.”  It’s an unusual way to start a game, but the fans love it.


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Milwaukee Bear Claws HomeMilwaukee Bear Claws Road



Total Payroll: $33,000,000

Available Cap Space: $2,000,000


Manager: Poss Horton

# Batters Position Salary Yrs
6 Frances McGuigan C $1,500,000 2
14 Felipe Mateo 1B $5,000,000 5
18 Richard Iddings 2B $1,200,000 3
5 Ikaru “Ike” Suzuki 3B $2,000,000 4
37 Morris “Red” Petitt SS $4,000,000 5
23 Arthur Mealey LF $1,000,000 4
2 DeRonde Maxwell CF $2,500,000 2
35 Wally Trumbauer RF $700,000 3
41 Gilberto Fleitas DH $350,000 2
16 Paris Champney C $150,000 3
22 Tony Anthony 2B $100,000 1
9 Rodolfo Raine 3B $200,000 2
34 Jarred Dipalma OF $100,000 2


# Pitchers Thr Role Salary Yrs
28 Lou Mallory R SP $4,000,000 5
43 Benicio Torrenueva L SP $3,000,000 2
59 Herculez Mendoza R SP $900,000 3
54 Zack Perriman L SP $550,000 1
55 “Stormin’” Patrick McNorman R SP $300,000 2
60 Chris Karnik R RP $600,000 2
46 Stu Juens L RP $200,000 3
49 Timmy Almon R RP $800,000 3
47 Owen Pellegrin L RP $450,000 2
50 Avery Lavine R RP $500,000 3
62 Olen Abernathy L RP $400,000 1
31 Oscar Buenaventura L CL $1,800,000 2


# Reserves Position Salary Yrs
14 Travis Sowers C $100,000 1
27 Arlen Hazan 1B $150,000 1
25 Warren Stefani RF $250,000 3
64 Thanh Lobard RP (L) $100,000 1
58 Wes Kimbell RP (R) $100,000 1


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