Silver City Outlaws

Owner: Justin Rallis

Silver City Outlaws


Stadium: The Corral

The Corral

The Corral may be the Patriot League’s most unusual stadium, and it exists thanks to a man named Walter Bonney.  Bonney, who claims to be a descendant of the Billy the Kid, grew up in Silver City.  He is extremely proud of his home state, and he was determined to prove that New Mexico is a “big-league state.”  So he built The Corral with that goal in mind, and with the Outlaws, he got his wish.

The design of The Corral is Old West through and through.  To enter the stadium grounds, fans pass through a split-rail fence whose posts are topped with boots.  (Bonney had originally planned to build a barbed-wire fence, but this was vetoed by local authorities.)  The exterior of the stadium is finished to look like a wood-paneled storefront.  The concession stands are all called “saloons,” and the team sells merchandise out of the “General Store.”  The fans push through saloon-style swinging doors to enter the seating bowl.  The scoreboard is topped with a pair of crossed pistols (like the ones in the Outlaws’ logo) that shoot off firework shells whenever an Outlaws player hits a home run.  (This happens often, as the park’s cozy dimensions and elevation combine to make it very longball-friendly.)

One of the park’s most notable features is “Boot Hill,” a cemetery-like display beyond the right-field fence.  The tombstones in the park are adorned with the names of opponents’ star players.  The team reportedly plans to add markers commemorating series sweeps and big victories in the future.  The tombstones are surrounded with sand, cattle skulls, broken wagon wheels, and cacti, making it a forbidding sight indeed.

Unsurprisingly, the Outlaws do what they can to play up the Old West theme.  The players take the field to the theme song from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  When the players line up for introductions, they typically wear ten-gallon hats.  Some even take things a step further, wearing holsters with six-shooters.

The crowds do their part to contribute to the Wild West atmosphere.  The Outlaws have the rowdiest and meanest fans in the league.  They are famed for their obscene chants and rough behavior; an opposing player dives into the stands after a foul ball at his own peril.  Many of the fans bring flasks to the game, and they’re often passed around to share.  Rumors abound of things like fistfights in the stands and fans brandishing firearms, but these are considered to be overblown.  It’s a working-class crowd with dirt under its fingernails, and they like to come to games, blow off steam, and support the Outlaws with vigor.  If they happen to intimidate visiting teams along the way, well… so much the better.


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Silver City Outlaws HomeSilver City Outlaws Road

Silver City Outlaws Third



Total Payroll: $32,500,000

Available Cap Space: $2,500,000


Manager: John Jarha

# Batters Position Salary Yrs
15 Toby Watson C $1,800,000 5
34 Muzz Elliott 1B $2,500,000 5
14 Dominique Barkan 2B $1,000,000 3
24 Rusty Brewmaker 3B $4,000,000 5
19 Carrol Burt SS $100,000 5
25 Brant “Poison” Ivey LF $600,000 3
22 Javier Cardona CF $2,000,000 5
33 Nathaniel Wason RF $5,000,000 5
44 Teddy Olivas DH $450,000 4
29 Marlon Jeffreys C $200,000 3
20 Lynn Griffith 3B $100,000 1
1 Arlen Ginder SS $1,500,000 3
7 Gregory Cipolla LF $200,000 4
27 Beau Baynes OF $100,000 1


# Pitchers Thr Role Salary Yrs
55 Rob Tildon L SP $3,000,000 5
47 Pedro Rodriguez L SP $4,000,000 5
40 Juan Carlos Lopez R SP $1,200,000 4
31 Cloyce “Hoss” Benson R SP $500,000 2
70 Linus Pauling R SP $300,000 3
57 Aurelio Menard L RP $550,000 5
66 Jamaal Sapp R RP $400,000 3
52 Trip Hawkins R RP $350,000 2
36 Cliff Humphrey L RP $400,000 1
38 Jon Spradlin R RP $150,000 1
8 Go Matsumoto R CL $800,000 2


# Reserves Position Salary Yrs
6 Bradley Birmingham SS $150,000 2
32 Marlon Hintz LF $100,000 1
2 Kent “Tex” Whittier OF $100,000 2
51 Darius Tice SP (R) $700,000 2
73 Zeke Foster SP (L) $250,000 4